JC Crockett - (Lead Singer)
John Barton - (Lead Guitar)
Cory Crow - (Rhythm Guitar)
Justin Crain - (Bass Guitar)
Josh Brown - (Drums)
Our Story
From 1983 to 1985, three born musicians were brought into this world. Two of which were brothers, Josh and Jeremy, who became friends with the third, John. The three boys met at a very young age due to their fathers being close friends. They had the typical childhood imagination pretending to be rock stars, playing their air guitars and drum sticks on old trash barrels. The boys would always sit around and watch John's dad play his guitar, as they would stomp their feet to the rhythm and pretend it was them playing.
At the young age of 13, John had learned how to play the guitar very fast and well, and playing it was all he did with his free time. He would then take his acoustic to the Brown's home and show them what he learned. Josh and Jeremy had acoustics as well and would join in with John while he played. As time went on Jeremy decided he wanted to learn how to play a bass guitar, as he had the perfect fingers for it, and he learned very quickly. John had already been jamming with a friend who joined the crowd and Josh was working on getting his drum set so that they could start a full band. Well, it didn’t take long and by the time they were 16-18 they were jamming covers and creating their own. At this time they named their band P.O.R (Pissin on Reality). About a year, maybe two, later they all split ways to live their own lives.
As time went on they met again to form a band to which they called Q-tap...and they had a ton of songs by then. At this point they decided it was time to play a show, so they made a stage out of an old pontoon trailer, hauled it out to a lake nearby and played their first ever show. It turned out fairly decent, with about one hundred people showing up. But at that time there just wasn’t any jobs around and John had to leave.
From the year 2005 to 2009 all three boys had lived their own lives going from place to place. Josh and Jeremy continued their band dream and even played in different bands. John didn’t continue on to do so. He started his career and jammed on occasion with his dad, who lived nearby.
In 2009, the brown's had already been back in Kiowa County for a while, at which time John was in Kansas. Josh and Jeremy decided to call John and see if he wanted to rejoin the band, John said he would, but didn’t know how it would work with him living in another state. Well, shortly after rejoining things just weren’t working out for John in Kansas so he moved back to Kiowa County Colorado. That summer Glass Apparatus was formed, and in just less than a year they were playing shows and battle of the bands, in which they won the first battle they played. During this time they had a good friend drumming while Josh did the vocals. As time went on things didn’t work out with this drummer so Josh started to drum again.
For about a year, the three couldn’t really get much done with the band, until 2012, when Jayme Crockett joined to become the vocalist bringing a much more complex and broader range of vocal mix to the sound. With that, Glass Apparatus was complete and began recording their first album.